Spring 2004
Statistics 516 - Statistical Methods II
Monday/Wednesday 4:00-5:15
210A LeConte

Instructor: Dr. Brian Habing, Assistant Professor
office: 210A LeConte
e-mail: habing@stat.sc.edu
MSN messenger: brian@habing.com
AOL messenger: DrStatpsy
office phone: 777-3578
home phone: 739-2686 (9am to 10pm only)
Office Hours: Tuesday&Thursday 9:00-11:00 & 3:30-4:30
By Appointment,
and Whenever the Door is Open
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SAS Templates

Supplements to the Text
Type I and Type III Sum of Squares (Section 8.3)
Contrasts and Multiple Comparisons (Section 6.5)
Two-way ANOVA Formulas (Section 9.3)

Exam Information
Exam 1: Topics, Formulas
Exam 2: Topics
Final: Topics, Practice Final, Answers

Other Sites of Interest
Correlation Game and Demo




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