What's in a PhD's life...

About Teaching

I've been teaching for a while and I love it. You can find lecture notes and practice exams here. Courses include STAT 201, 205, 509 and 512.

About Research

I'm now under supervision of Prof. Hitchcock . My research focus is applying spatial temporal data analysis to predict precipitation. Pretty fun stuff.

For Future Employers

I got working knowledge as a data scientist. My speciality is in statistical modeling and high performance computing. I got a CV for you.

What's beyond a PhD's life...

A Photographer

Never thought my love for photography can last such a long time, but it really does. It gives me different angle to see the world. I use Fuji and Nikon by the way.

A Programmer

Python and R are my daily driver. Tried SAS  a couple of times but cannot fall in love with it. I think I am more obssessed with efficient and readable code than my peers.

And a lot more

If I got some more time to kill, which I do, I might spend my time on reading, movies, Netlix, running or video games. I cannot sing, but I do love those who can do it well.

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