Department of Statistics
216 LeConte College
1523 Greene St.
University of South Carolina
Columbia, SC 29208

Office: LeConte 219C
Phone (803) 777-3859


I received Ph.D. (2000) and M.S. (1998) degrees in Statistics from U.C. Davis, an M.A. in Mathematics from the University of New Mexico (1996), and a B.S. in Mathematics from the University of Minnesota (1992). Before joining the University of South Carolina Department of Statistics in 2010, I was an associate professor in the University of Minnesota Division of Biostatistics 2005-2010, and an assistant professor at the University of New Mexico Department of Mathematics and Statistics 2000-2005.

Recent projects involve spatial modeling through frailties and copulas, ordinal data models, and Bernstein polynomials. My research interests over the last 15 years broadly include survival analysis, Bayesian nonparametric priors, and diagnostic screening. Publications. Full curriculum vitae.

My past Ph.D. students are Junshu Bao (2016), William Cipolli (2016), Haiming Zhou (2015), Li Li (2014), Yuhui Chen (2012), Luping Zhao (2008), Mingan Yang (2006), and Ling Xu (2005).


Office hours (Fall 2016): None...I'm on sabbatical!

Stat 770 - Categorical Data Analysis (Fall 2015)
Stat 520 - Time series analysis (Fall 2015)

Stat 705 - Data analysis II (Spring 2015)

Stat 704 - Data analysis I (Fall 2014)
Stat 730 - Multivariate analysis (Fall 2014)

Stat 205 - Elementary Statistics for the Biological and Life Sciences (Spring 2014)
Stat 705 - Data Analysis II (Spring 2014)


Talk on survival analysis via spatial copulas at the University of Michigan Department of Biostatistics (March 2016). Earlier versions were given at the University of Alabama Dept. Mathematics, (April 2015) and the Medical School of Wisconsin (June 2014).

Talk on DPOAE test-retest differences given at the I.S.B.A. meeting in Sardinia, Italy (June 2016). Versions of this talk were also given at the University of New Mexico Dept. Mathematics and Statistics (March 2016), Wake Forest University Dept. Biostatistical Sciences (March 2016), University of South Carolina Dept. Epidemiology and Biostatistics (Feb. 2016) and University Texas El Paso Dept. Mathematical Sciences (Feb. 2016).

I play bass in the cover band Gas Money. We are available for weddings, funerals, Revolutionary War battle re-enactments, bat mitzvahs (not bar mitzvahs), minor political office inaugerations, the grand opening of strip malls, pool parties, and the burning of our anthropological ancestors, e.g. Lucy, in effigy. I also write simple piano tunes; here's Time for bed and Roasted Stoat both recorded in 2015. Here's two recorded June of 2014: March of the Otters and Beefsquatch Interlude.

Here's some older tunes: Diablo IPA, Jinx, Getting Tenure, Folding Chair, Geraldine, Bear, Eelpout Stout, Ulf, What is This?, Piano 3, Sax Panther, Find the Fish, The Doctor and the Pencil, Realization, Cheese and Krakens.