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STAT 205
Spring 2012

Elementary Statistics for the Biological and Life Sciences

Instructor: Leslie Hendrix Office: LeConte 215C
Instructional Assistant: Sean Wang Class Meetings:
MWF 12:20 - 1:10 in Sloan 112

Textbook: Samuels, M.L., Whitmer, J.A., & Schaffner, A. (2010). Statistics for the Life Sciences, 4th Ed.


Course Syllabus
Please read this addendum to the syllabus throughout the semester and again at the end of the semester.
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Chapter 1 (Introduction, Evidence, and Sampling)
Chapter 2 (Descriptions of Samples and Populations)
Chapter 3 (Probability and the Binomial Distribution)
Chapter 4 (Normal Distrubtion)
Chapter 5 (Sampling Distribution of Sample Mean and CLT)
Chapter 6 (Confidence Interval for mu)
Intro to Hypothesis Testing
Assumptions and Relationship b/w CI and Hyp Test
Inference for Dependent Samples
Inference for Independent Samples
Sign Test (Non-parametric Inference for Dependent Samples)
Wilcoxon Mann Whitney Test (Non-parametric Inference for Independent Samples
Inference for p,p1-p2, and Chi-Square for Contingency Tables
Goodness of Fit
Relative Risk, Odds Ratio, Case Control Study
Cochran Mantel Haensel, Simpson's Paradox
Intro to ANOVA
Regression and Correlation


Chapter 1 HW   Chapter 1 HW Solutions
Chapter 2 HW   Chapter 2 HW Solutions
Chapter 3 HW   Chapter 3 HW Solutions
Chapters 4 and 5 HW   Chapters 4 and 5 HW Solutions
Inference for mu   Inference for mu Solutions
p, p1-p2, Chi-square Contingency Table   p, p1-p2, Chi-square Contingency Table SOLUTIONS  

GRADED ASSIGNMENTS (Due before the beginning of lecture on the due date)

HW 1 Now Due Wednesday, February 1st by the beginning of lecture  
HW 2 Due Wednesday, February 8th by the beginning of lecture  
HW 3 Due Friday, March 16th by the beginning of lecture  
HW 4 Due Friday, March 16th by the beginning of lecture  
HW 5 Due Wednesday, April 4th by the beginning of lecture  
HW 6 Due Due Wednesday, April 4th by the beginning of lecture  
HW 7 Due Monday, April 9th by the beginning of lecture  

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