How to download R

Step 1:
Go to this web site: Where to learn about R and download it

Step 2:
Click "CRAN" link under "Download" on left side of page. Then choose one of the "USA" sites from which to download R.

Step 3:
Click appropriate link under the heading "Download and Install R" to download the latest release of R. If you're using a Windows PC, it will be "Download R for Windows"; if you're using a different operating system, click on the corresponding link.

Step 4:
Click on the link "base". Then click on the link to the .exe file (should say something like "Download R 4.0.3 for Windows") to download R. This should give you what we'll need in this class.

Step 5:
Choose: "Save file" and save it in whatever directory you'd like. Usually wherever it saves by default is fine.

Step 6:
After the download is complete, you can run R by opening the file which will be called RGui or R-4.0.3 or something similar. You should be able to access R from the Start menu, or you can put an R icon on the desktop for convenience.

Step 7:
You should see a console screen with some copyright information about R, and a command line with a cursor. You type R commands at the command line.

Try out a sample session of R:
Type in some sample R code to make sure everything's working OK.

NOTE for Mac users: If you are using a Mac with a relatively old operating system, you may have to go to this link and follow the directions to download a slightly older version of R.