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Ian L Dryden

Please note that I have now moved to the University of Nottingham, UK. I am continuing to collaborate with many faculty members and PhD students at the University of South Carolina.

e-mail: ian -DOT- dryden -AT- nottingham -DOT-ac -DOT- uk
Please see my webpage at Nottingham


Areas of interest: shape analysis; statistical image analysis; medical image analysis; spatial statistics; high-dimensional data analysis; and applications of statistics in bioinformatics, chemoinformatics, biomedical sciences, and computer science.

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  • The shapes package in R.

    Teaching at the University of South Carolina

    The Overall Score for Instructor out of 5 is given in parentheses.
  • Spring 2012: STAT205: Elementary Statistics for the Biological and Life Sciences (100 students: 4.5)
  • Spring 2012: STAT 705: Data Analysis II (18 students: 4.75)
  • Fall 2011 STAT 714 Linear Statistical Models (10 students: 4.9)
  • Spring 2011 STAT 705 Applied Statistics II (9 students: 4.78)
  • Fall 2009 STAT 714 Linear Statistical Models. (14 students: 4.82)
  • Spring 2009: STAT718A Shape and Image Analysis. (9 students: 4.88)