Don Edwards


email: edwards "at" stat "dot" sc "dot" edu

Statistical Education

I have been fortunate to have been involved in the development of the Elementary Statistics Laboratory, a laboratory course to complement elementary statistics courses offered here at USC and elsewhere, developed under support of the National Science Foundation. It has made me a firm believer in the doctrine of learning by doing.


I love the diversity of application of statistics. Much of my research has involved statistical methods for simultaneous inference in a variety of forms and settings. I have a growing new interest in statistical methods for Medicare Fraud investigations, and in the measurement of agreement in subjective judging scenarios. For more details on my work in these and other areas, click here to see a recent Vita

If you are interested in the minimum-sum method for Medicare investigations, feel free to download the base R and/or SAS programs needed to compute lower confidence bounds for the number of universe items in error (adapted from Edwards et al. 2005 Health Services and Outcomes Research Methodology).

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