STAT 701 (Applied Statistics II)

Spring 2007


David Hitchcock, assistant professor of statistics


Syllabus: (Word document) or (pdf document)

Office Hours -- Spring 2007

Mon 10:00-10:50, Tue 1:30-2:30, Wed 10:00-10:50, Thu 11:00-12:00.
Please feel free to make appointments to see me at other times.

Office: 209A LeConte College
Phone: 777-5346

Class Meeting Time

MWF 11:15AM-12:05PM, LC 210A

Current Textbook: Applied Linear Statistical Models, 5th edition, by Kutner, Nachtsheim, Neter and Li (4e: J. Neter, M.H. Kutner, C. Nachstheim, and W. Wasserman).

Course Description: 701—Applied Statistics II. (3) (Prereq: STAT 700 or consent of department) Continuation of STAT 700. Simple linear regression, correlation, multiple regression, fixed and random effects analysis of variance, analysis of covariance, experimental design, some multivariate methods, various statistical packages. Not to be used for M.S. or Ph.D. credit in statistics or mathematics.

Purpose: To expand the methodological abilities of future scientists in the experimental, social, and professional sciences beyond what is usually learned in a basic course.

Topics Covered
Review of simple linear regression and correlation
1.6-1.8, 2.1, 2.4, 2.6-2.10
1 week
Multiple linear and polynomial regression: model fitting, formal inferences
6.1-6.7, 6.9, 7.1-7.4, 7.6, 8.1-8.2 (4e:7.7-7.8)
3 weeks
Model building; Collinearity and influence; regression diagnostics
9.1, 9.4 (4e: 8.1, 8.4), 11.1 (4e: 10.1), 10.1-10.5 (4e: 9.1-9.5)
1 week
One-factor ANOVA, multiple comparisons, random effects models
16.1-16.8 (4e: 16.1-16.11), 25.1 (4e: 24.1), 17.1-17.7
1.5 weeks
Two-factor crossed ANOVA; fixed, random, and mixed models
19.1-19.7, 19.8-19.9 (4e: 20.1-20.3), 20.1-20.2 (4e: 21.1-21.2),
23.1-23.4 (4e: 22.1-22.4), 25.1-25.4 (4e: 24.1-24.4)
2.5 weeks
Randomized complete block designs, balanced incomplete block designs, Latin square
21.1-21.5 (4e: 27.1-27.5), 28.1-28.2 (4e: 27.8, 27.11, 27.13),
28.3-28.6 (4e: 30.1-30.5)
1.5 weeks
Analysis of Covariance
8.5 (4e: 11.2), 22.1-22.3 (4e: 25.1-25.3)
1 week
Nested Analysis of Variance
26.1-26.7 (4e: 28.1-28.7)
1.5 weeks

Available Computing Resources: R is available as a free download from the CRAN home page) and students who want SAS can buy a copy from USC Computer Services.
These packages are also available on the computers in the labs in LeConte College (and a few other buildings). Help in using R can be found on the CRAN home page.

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